My Research Team

Graduate 2012

My research team with Jose luisl

graduate 2011

We hosted the visit of Mendel Rosenblum,in April 2008

master defense 2008

We had a nice meeting with Richard M.Karp in June 2008.

Greatwall 2008


My talk in UnivMadrid 2012

I visited Europe in 2012

Teaching prize

Qiuyan Quan wedding

zhangjiajie 2010

lijiang 2010

sanya 2009

973 Project meeting at the Three Gorges in July 2008

north sea park 2008

Westchester Mall

I attended WWW'06 at Edinburgh, Scotland.

I visited London in 2006 and really enjoyed the city.

I visited Cambridge in 2006.

Corning Glass Museum

Ithaca 2006

White Plains 2006

Niagara Fall in the winter 2006

WWW'05 conference

With my co-author at ICDCS'05 in Ohio.

Cornell Computer Science 40th Anniversary Symposium.

Summer 2004

AT&T Labs in February 2004

I visited San Francisco in 2003 during the DSN conference.

With my Cornell alumni during my USITS trip in March 2003.

I visited Paris in 2002 during the SIGCOMM IMW workshop.

Research Excellence Award.